WELCOME TO Arzu Corporation

Arzu Corporation is considered as one of the pioneer Indenting companies in Bangladesh for International Trade and it outstandingly serving different International and Domestic industrial sectors.



We import only the highest quality products available to provide you with the best range and service.


We export commodities and merchandise from Bangladesh. We export T-shirt, Polo shirt, jeans, baby items etc as per customer requirements.


We are Indenting Company for sourcing raw material and finished products from manufactures worldwide.

Other service

Engaged in international trading and domestic trading activity. As an local supplier / general order supplier of materials to different industries


Our Product

Our main focus has been in the area of Bulk Handling of Raw Materials, Alloys, Electronics and machineries with spare parts to mostly consumer industries.


Main Products

PC, PBT, PA, PVC,Limestone, Sodium Nitrate, Dolomite, CaCo3,Borax Oxide,Soda Ash, Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous, DOP,POLYOL,MS Sheet, Silicon Sheet, SS Sheet, Scrap Vessel and Garments item etc.